Top 10 Winning Strategies for Setting Up Google Adsense in 2018

Have you ever fallen into a situation like this- Suppose you have searched for a smartphone of any brand recently and later while surfing the internet you come across an advertisement showing that particular smartphone and its online seller? Well, you may have been thinking if it’s magic? It is not so. Instead, it is the Google AdSense that is working behind the scene.

Google AdSense, as the name suggests, is a program that is designed and run by Google. Google generates considerable revenue from this program by cost per click and cost per impression. In the first quarter of the year 2014, Google earned 22% of their total revenue from AdSense. This proves how vital AdSense has become for Google in the past few years or so. This type of business initiative is referred to as Internet Marketing.

You can make money if you own a personal blogging website with the help of Google AdSense. In this article, we shall take an in-depth look at the Top 10 winning strategies for setting up Google AdSense in 2018. After going through this article, you will know how to earn money by providing Advertisements to the viewers on your Website.

Process Through Which Google AdSense Works

We will look out at how Adsense works for both the advertiser and the website owner.

For Advertisers

Suppose the advertiser of a smartphone company wants to advertise his products. He first chooses and bids for the keywords upon which he would like to promote on. Then the Google spiders will start crawling the website and look for such words on the internet. Once you search for any smartphone of that particular brand, you will receive ads on the top right corner regarding those smartphones.

Also, the Adsense will spread out Robots to crawl sites with the specific keyword and see what your content is all about. If they find similar smartphone keywords in your article, then they will show up advertisements next to your article. Obviously, for this to happen the advertiser needs to give access to the spiders to put the ads on their website.

For Website Owners

If you are an owner of a personal blogging site of yours and have given permission to the web spiders to crawl your webpage and search for specific keywords, the web spiders do so, and once they find any article involving smartphones, it will display ads over there. So if any user visits a website and clicks on that particular advertisement, then you will be paid for that.

Benefits Of Using Google AdSense

An advertiser pays Google Adsense to search sites for related content allowing specific site visitors to be lead to their advertised site. Google AdSense is an advertising tool that will enable you to host an affiliate site link advertisement for money that is earned per advertisement click. The benefits of hosting an AdSense advertisement far outweigh passing this opportunity by, as it is helpful to both the advertiser as well as site visitors and the site entertain themselves. Think seriously about using this service for your business.

Site Advertisement Host benefits

  • Income is earned per advertisement click.
  • Offering a helpful site link for customers/site viewers.
  • Increasing personal knowledge of online advertising.
  • Affiliation with a desirable advertising team.

Advertiser Benefits

  • Increase in specific content traffic/customer flow to the site.
  • Inexpensive advertisement method.
  • Increase in personal knowledge of online advertising.

Site Visitor Benefits

  • Related links for further assistance in information or related products.
  • Efficient searching assistance, time not wasted.

10 Strategies That You Need To Follow For Setting Up A Successful Google AdSense

Let us take a look at the best plannings that you can follow to earn money through Google AdSense.


Location is an essential factor for a successful campaign in the field of advertisement. You need to be careful while placing the ads on your website as it can increase the ranking of your page and generate more cost per click. Try to display the Adsense ads around some particular content of your webpage and also along the side panels of the website.

Along with the Location, size of the advertisements also matters. Depending on the size of the ad it can attract the viewer. Furthermore, the theme of the ads also contributes to your cause.

Origin Of Traffic

Statistics say that Adsense ads perform much better with the incoming traffic from the search engine. Also, keep in mind to target those specific countries which are much more productive and have high values against their currency. To be specific, try to focus on countries like USA and UK mostly.

AdSense For Search Can Add Bonus To Your revenue

Adsense for search can give you extra income because it goes extra distance by helping you with user navigation.

Develop More Relevant Ads

AdSense works by displaying ads that are more related to the content of your article. So focus on your content and work hard on improvising it because more relevant your material is about a specific keyword, more the revenue.

Utilize Both Image And Text Ads

Many bloggers think that Image ads let you earn more than the text ads. This is not true; you must utilize all the features else it will decrease the competition for your advertisement. Using only Images for advertisement can also reduce the CPM.

Ads Inbetween Posts

Be careful with the theme of your ads. An advertisement with a good idea and relevant graphical content will generate more CPC than other irrelevant ones. You can choose to add 7-9 pictures to improve the experience of the viewers. Also, keep in mind to add enough space in between your ads, so that it does not violate the policy of Google AdSense.


Enable placement targeting feature in your channel by signing into your AdSense account. Then navigate to your Custom tab present under My ads section. Select Custom Channels from there. If a screen pops up, add the details of your ad and check against the radio button of placement targeting.

Blacklist Websites Of AdSense

In the market, not every advertiser pay the same amount of money for CPC. So block the URL of those advertiser’s whose performance is abysmal regarding such. You can also choose to block the advertisements of your competitor on the website.

AdSense Category Blocking

This new feature is much easier and effective. You can use this feature to get an idea regarding which ads are [performing poorly and which are not. So you can block such ads in your website in the category section. You can allow them later whenever you wish to.


Youtube ads perform much better than others. So if you have the opportunity to use ads on your youtube videos, go for it. It can increase the revenue of ads. But this factor depends on the traffic generated on your youtube videos.


This is an extra strategy that can benefit you immensely though it requires some time and patience. Test various ways to generate revenue. Do not just depend on the Google AdSense revenue and try different other ways to earn more money.


Google AdSense prides on their reputation to provide an honest advertising method that is helpful in a full circle from the advertiser to the ad host to the site visitor and back to Google themselves as with successful results for their clients, they benefit. The Google team performs extensive editorial reviews to ensure that only appropriate advertisements appear on a site. Competitive ad filters also remove the chances of a competitor’s advertisement from looking on your site. This allows visitors from your site to see your products or services for what they are and not be drawn to a website offering the same service or product.

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