Google AdSense & Google AdX : The Dilemma Ends Here!

Google Inc. is lauded as one of the largest corporations in the world and rightfully holds on to the honor bestowed on its entity. The term ‘Google Search’ has become an integral part of modern culture as we know it. It has essentially changed the way we access information.

With the advent of Google, there has been an abrupt acceleration in the volume of data, which is getting published across various virtual platforms on a daily basis. ┬áSuch information explosion has literally taken the ‘pain’ out of our information scouring initiatives. Indisputably, Google has put forth its innovative efforts since inception and maintained it’s Numero Uno stand as far as data exploration and communication is concerned. The exponential growth of Google does not merely rest on the previous laurels. Its smash success margin has actually skyrocketed over the last few years, giving the enterprise the most enviable stand on this planet in terms of its unbeatable dominance in the virtual marketplace. The most determining influence behind Google’s imposing flourish can be attributed to the company’s tenacity to come up with innovative and profit making applications time and again.

Over the years, Google has grown as a company as it has expanded their portfolio of services in ways that have touched the lives of millions. So now, Google is not only responsible for revolutionizing the information technology universe. One of the most profound ways in which they have done that is by changing the game of advertising, albeit online.

That is where Google AdSense comes in, as well as the Google AdX. On the surface, it might seem that these two services are exactly the same. But that can’t be any farther from the truth. As you’ll find out here in this article why and how they are different from each other.


An All Around Discussion On This Matter

This dilemma as to what exactly the Google AdX does differently from the Google AdSense needs complete elaboration. As a lot of publishers and advertisers alike have been in a knot with this one.

So first, let’s get warmed up with the context of this. And then only the details.


On Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an advertisement distribution network which small to medium size enterprises can capitalize on. It acts as a platform by means of which publishers will be able to sell advertising space. To earn your share of profit, all you have to do is placing a small piece of code within your website source code and you’re good to go.

A publisher is generally one who owns a website, or many for that matter where he or she publishes their content. That generates traffic which is monetizable. A lot of bloggers and content creators in other formats make money this way using Google AdSense.

After agreeing to a few terms and conditions, you’ll be able to start using Google AdSense. But be sure that it is Google who is in charge of the monetization aspects. Here, the publisher won’t be able to decide on the prices for the ad space you’re selling.

Advertisers would be able to buy ads but there is one thing to consider. It is once again Google who’s in control of where it is displayed. Although Google is good at putting the right ads in the right places. Still, the issue is that the advertisers won’t be in full control of that.


And Now Google AdX..

Word is out there that Google AdX or DoubleClick Ad Exchange, as it is commonly known earns better than the former. Well yes, and no. It is a bit more complex in terms of how it does that.

First and foremost, not every publisher out there in the internet world will be able to use Google AdX. In order to have an account for using the Google AdX services, the publisher has to have a minimum of 500k page views. And the AdSense account of that individual also has to be approved by Google.

Google AdX is not cheap to use! But considering who’ll use these services, it is not much of an issue. Generally, it is the community of big time eCommerce stores and the reputed media organizations who are known to profit from this. There are others as well, whoever meets the necessary criteria.

Once a publisher gets to use the Google AdX services, the primary thing is that they get a lot more control. In terms of the amount that they can charge for the ads on their websites. Isn’t this worth the barrier for entry? You decide.

Also, they can regulate who is involved in the bidding process. Either you can use the Open Auction feature where there’ll be a lot more options. The company has mentioned that it has fantastic success rates. But, there’s the Private Auction feature where only chosen advertisers will be able to participate.

But this is not without its downsides as well. Yes, you can control the things mentioned. But you’ll have to back that up with quality content (another instance where ‘Content is King’).

But you can opt for the Dynamic Allocation feature as well. Where Google will automate the process of ad allocation to offer you the maximum advantage. Truly, that is really an effective way of going about using Google AdX.

The Money Question

This is the burning question when it comes to online advertising. Will Google AdX make you more money than Google AdSense, or is it the other way around?

Well, for the short-term Google AdSense will get you more traffic and with that possibly more earnings. But over the long haul, it is definitely Google AdX that will make you more money. Simply based on the capabilities.

If you can afford Google AdX, it’ll be the best way to go. But that in no way diminishes the value that Google AdSense provides. It is the way to go as a newbie in this.


Is There A Clear Victor? Lets See…

No, there is none. As saying one is better than the other will be folly. To put it simply, both Google AdX and Google AdSense are vital. They just serve different groups of people, that’s it.

Is your budget relatively low as you’re just starting out? And you’re looking to reach target audiences to increase your views? No problem, Google AdSense has your back. You’ll be able to make use of this online advertisement service and get the job done.

On the other hand, if you are a well-established name and want to get more out of online advertising, Google AdX is going to be the right thing for you. With that, you’ll even be able to put together a better experience for your viewers.

Therefore, there is no winner. But yes, there is a well-informed choice that you can make to settle on which of these two options will let you take a winning stand against the odds

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