AdSense Account Disapproved: An Effective Guide To Resolve Your Problem

Is your AdSense account disapproved? Do not worry as it is not the end of the world for you. It gets very annoying when you find that Google discontinued your AdSense application. To give you a little respite in this context, we will discuss how you can get your AdSense reapproved and learn the ways to avoid it in the future.

Google AdSense is a very complex program, and if it somehow figures out that you are using more than one account, then you can be in trouble. Let us look out at the reasons for which your AdSense account may get disabled and the solutions you need to apply in case any such thing happens.

Probable Reasons For Receiving Disapproved AdSense Account

You will be able to find a quick fix to this issue, provided you can ferret out the causes leading to the disorder in your AdSense account. The reasons behind the banning of the AdSense account are explained below:-

Invalid Activity

Many bloggers tend to open some AdSense accounts but never use any of them. Your inactivity in AdSense accounts could form part of the major reasons. If you are a victim of any such issue, you can consider revamping the frequency of using your AdSense account.  

Purchased Views And Clicks

Google never gives any second chance to the bloggers. They are very good at finding people using multiple accounts, purchasing clicks and views, and if caught, you may find yourself with more banned accounts.

It might all sound very harsh and is a bit concerning too. But Google must do what it can to protect advertisers, users and the publisher ecosystem. Hence, it is better if you do not violate any AdSense policies in the near future.

Using 3rd Party Apps Like VPN For High CPC

Similar to the above reason, using 3rd party apps are also against the law of Google AdSense. Google will not tolerate such wrongdoings and will take necessary steps for such actions by banning you. Using new methods to generate higher revenue is a good practice, but considering the wrong means to do so is not advisable.

Google AdSense is a highly advanced program and hiding away from it is not an easy task. So it would be better if you avoid such things and never violate the space for Google Ads.

Solutions To Recover Adsense Account

Check out the list below. These are the things that you need to be taking care of to get rid of this Adsense account related problems.

Focus on Getting Account Reapproval

AdSense only accepts the quality sites, considering the quality of the ads and their ad network. So if you are encountering any problem with your account, it means you have to improve the quality of your content. Nevertheless, it is not so easy, but Google provides the bloggers with a six months time period.

So do not lose hope as six months is enough for a blogger to improve his or her article. Work hard and reapply for the reapproval of your account once again.

Do Not Reapply Instantly

While we suggest you to reapply for the approval of your AdSense account, we also recommend you not to do so hurriedly. Google rejects your account due to many reasons. It briefs you the reasons for the ban at the time of banning. Few such reasons are insufficient content, URL you specified is not owned by you, improper copyright material and so on. See the purpose for which Google discontinued your account and try to work upon it.

Try More Effective Design

Blog design matters the most because it creates the first impression of a blogger. So work on the betterment of your blog design. Try to use professional themes on your website as it improves the ranking of your site.

Acquire More Traffic And Remove Your Mistakes

Traffic is an essential factor which is the first priority of Google. So start afresh and remove all the mistakes you have done before. Before that, work hard and try to update your blogs with better content or article.

Follow All Terms And Conditions Carefully

Read the instructions carefully. Look out for the terms and conditions of Google AdSense and try your best to follow them. Avoid violating these rules in the future as this can result in permanent ban of your account.


Finally, in the end, you must submit an application requesting to get back your Google AdSense account. Search for a link in the rejection email and ask them for receiving your AdSense account back. In this way, you can receive a reapproval of your Google AdSense account.

Hope this article helps you in claiming back your account. You can also Buy Adsense Account from an Adsense expert. This will help in hassle-free Adsense account set up.

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