AdSense Account Disabled: Learn Some Easy Hacks To Resolve Your Problem

Google is strict in its policies regarding the AdSense account. Google uses spiders to crawl your website and search for specific keywords based on which they show particular ads. However, if this AdSense account is disabled due to some reasons, then you will not be able to access your account anymore. Hence, in any case, if you are facing such problems, go through this article to solve the issue with ease.

Google AdSense is an application developed by Google and released in the year 2003. It is a cross-platform based application. This means that you can operate the application generally on any platform. This is because the application is web-based and allows independent platform. The main issue for such an error is no activity for a long period. In this context, we shall look at the possible reasons and the solutions for sorting out the issue.

Reasons Why Google Renders Your AdSense Account Disabled

There are a couple of reasons for which you may face such a problem. Few AdSense account holders are also complaining their AdSense account gets ban without any reason. Let us look at the existing factors that might be causing Google account to disable.

No Activity In AdSense

You may not use Google AdSense as frequently as you do with other social media platforms. But Google has specified a time period regarding your account usage. So if you haven’t signed in to your AdSense account for that period, then do not expect to find your account up and running when you finally do so. Learn about the Google AdSense policy.

Policy Reasons

Check out the policy of Google AdSense properly and clear your doubt if you have any. A primary reason could be a violation of the Google AdSense policy. If you have somehow found violating the terms and conditions, then you may receive such kind of errors. Clear your queries in the support forum if you have any, regarding the terms and condition of Google AdSense.

Other Applications And Softwares

Third-party applications and software can play a significant role in determining the future of your AdSense account. The experts recommend the newbies to not use any third-party apps because it conflicts with the policy setup of Google. Bloggers use VPN connections and other programs to increase the generation of revenues from CPC. But using this technique might backfire, and even Google can permanently restrict your AdSense account from using.

How To Solve Your AdSense Account Disabled Issue?

Policy violation is the most important cause of running into such a problem. So we will discuss the fixes that you can apply to resolve your issue in no time.

Resolve Using Site Level Violations

Make the necessary changes if you have any violation record against your AdSense account. Down below we have listed a few changes that you can make to re-initiate your AdSense account.

  • Remove all the posts which come in conflict with your AdSense terms and conditions.
  • Another option is to turn off AdSense on all those posts that are rendered to be violating the AdSense.
  • Remove the contents and replace the domain name with a new one. Re-initiate your application for AdSense.

After doing any of the above methods, sign in to your AdSense account and navigate to the tab Site level violations. You will find under your violation issue a small message. Beneath the message, you will see a tab Mark Resolved. Select it, and as soon as you do so, you will receive another message. In this message, you have to check the solution that you have to apply to resolve your issue. At the end hit the option Submit.

Resolve by Sending An Email

If the above solution does not work out for you, then you can choose to compose an Email and send it to the Google AdSense team. In your email show that you are ready to be cooperative and request them to re-enable your Google AdSense account. Most probably you will receive an error in a few days. See what the Google team is prompting you to do. Follow their instructions and try not to violate the AdSense policies ever again.

How To Avoid Any Further Issues With AdSense Account

AdSense account once disabled, cannot be reinitiated again until and unless Google finds your issue to be lenient according to them. So resolving the issue solely depends on Google and they are not so tolerant as said. This is because Google puts security as their high priority. So they tend to be stricter if they find any violation regarding this type of matters. So avoid using third-party apps to generate more revenue and also abide by the rules and regulation of their AdSense program. Also, make sure that you are using AdSense application more often and thus avoid voiding your account. These few preventive measures can eradicate your AdSense account disabled problem. You can always consult with an expert to buy a new Adsense account.

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